A Song for the Movement

Posted on Jun 6, 2022

1 (by Anonymous)

We are all here because we intend to

dissolve ourselves into a whole that

operates like a single impossible organism

and not a hive, we are not the drones

of the apocalypse, nor sires, nor circuits,

through which pass electrical signals, simulating

an analog of life, but life itseld, in its mobilized

and constantly losing and gaining form,

which turns bricks into sand, and sand into soil,

and coalesces light to stars, and fractures stars into light,

and we move through the air, as it moves through us.

This is why we came, the cause of all causes

which we don’t understand, nor do we claim to,

nor do we claim it as our invention,

but claim ourselves as its invention.

A clear creation of the creator,

with handiwork and mechanics easily apparent.

And we stand here under the trees,

in the sunlight, or the eclipse light that shines

through the leaves, any day, everywhere, all of us,

near the wavelike mound of dirt and root,

whose slow and inexorable crest we ride to victory.

For Welaunee and all of its defenders